About Iordanka

Iordanka Karaivanova is an artist and a designer known for her realism art, commission portraits, design concepts, and crafts. She goes exclusively by her first name Iordanka [your-danka] and resides in Lake Mary, FL. Iordanka was born in Bulgaria in 1984 and moved to U.S.A. in 1999 with her family when winning the U.S.A. Green Card Lottery. She comes from a family dating back generations of musicians, singers, dancers, and art-craftsmen from her father's side and straight arrow entrepreneurs and engineers from her mother's side.

Iordanka showed passion for art from an early age. By age four she was sculpting figurines from clay, making her own toys and creating art pieces. At age eight, she drew portraits with graphite pencils of her grandparents and neighbors, progressing to aquarelle and later to oil medium. Her artwork has been exhibited at school functions and local events throughout the years.

Artist Iordanka considers herself a self-taught artist, because she dove in creating art before learning anything about it nor knowing “proper” techniques. Her desire to create, draw, and paint surfaced at an early age, before she learned an alphabet or went to school, thus she believes her inspiration and love for art comes naturally from God. Most of her abstract paintings are done with brush strokes movements based on a feeling of colors. She uses various mixed mediums for her art including oil, pastel, graphite, aquarelle, acrylic, nail polish, dried flowers and plants, seeds, grains, metal, wood, and fabric to name a few.

Her realism style and speedy turn-around process is well known in the Orlando metropolitan area for commission art pieces. She is thought as a preferred artist for commissioned family portraits working live in-person or from photographs.

90% of profit from sell of her art goes towards funding her inventions and innovative projects. 10% of profit is set aside and given to local charity, non-profit or sponsoring an individual with a cause. For more information, you may visit her company Nova Vision, LLC at www.NovaVisionLLC.com.

Iordanka loves supporting local charities and non-profits that are dear to her heart and values. Categories of charities and organizations she supports: orphans, women matters, education, environment, and animals. For donation inquiry or art auctions, please, use the Contact Us form. For-profit businesses and tradeoff inquiries are also welcome. ​​

Areas Served:

Seminole and Orange counties

  • Lake Mary
  • Heathrow
  • Longwood
  • Orlando
  • Dr. Phillips
  • Winter Park
  • Maitland
  • Altamonte Springs
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Skills Include:

  • Fine Art
  • Commission Art
  • Portraits
  • Murals
  • Sculptures
  • ​Glass Art
  • Pyrography
  • Graphic Design​