The Process

Simply, send me your inquiry; what kind of art you'd like me to draw or paint, style, size, etc. You may download the form bellow for your convenience. The form is a way to communicate to me what you'd like me to custom draw, paint, or design for you. After all terms and conditions have been communicated and agreed upon, a contract must be signed and delivered by email or regular mail along with at least 50% of total quoted amount. You may opt to choose to pre-pay upfront 100% of the price for commission art drawings here. Unless all terms are met, artwork will not be started. The whole process consists of 10 steps:

  1. Inquire by phone (866-200-1422) or email that you would like to commission an art piece
  2. A commission art questionnaire will be emailed to you or you may download file shown bellow (it is not a contract nor an obligation, a simple answer sheet to communicate to me what you would like in your commission artwork)
  3. Fill out the questionnaire and send it back via email or mail
  4. I will contact you and follow up with you. Afterwards a contract that includes all terms, conditions, artwork process, and timeline will be send out to you
  5. Sign and date contract, and send it back to me by email or regular mail along with payment. You may choose to pre-pay to speed up the process
  6. Once contract and payment are received, a good communication between you and myself, the artist, is a must to insure smooth and fast process
  7. I will send you pictures and videos of all steps throughout the artwork process until completed (you decide what communication channel you prefer - text, email, Facebook, etc.). You may request to change or add things throughout the process if deemed necessary. However, if artwork is started by me and you require adding additional object or person, depending on the complexity there may be an extra charge. As an Artist providing a service, naturally I will be the judge of price and it will be communicated to you before starting extra work. Unless, a document is signed by you agreeing to pay for extra work, you will not be billed
  8. When commission art is completed, a proof of completion will be send to you via pictures, video, in person or all combined. I can show the completed artwork in person and will travel to a customer if within 50 miles of Lake Mary, FL. If traveling more than 50 miles, I expect to be reimbursed by you for traveling expenses including my time
  9. You approve final artwork and pay the remaining of payment (if you pre-paid the full amount, simply email me that you approve the final artwork and schedule delivery date)
  10.  Art acceptance and delivery – commissioned art is delivered or shipped to you. A receipt must be signed by you or whoever is appointed to accept the artwork. Art can be shipped anywhere in the world. I take international orders. All art is insured when shipped for the original purchase price.

Commission Art

Feel free to download the form above to speed up the commission art process and communicate better your expectations. All payments are handled through Nova Vision, LLC.

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