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Price List

Iordanka’s pricing is pretty competitive and based on her experience as an Artist, including time and materials cost. Below is an example of her Price List that should be viewed as a guideline of what the average cost per medium is. Prices include all associates costs and materials, which are subject to change depending on the complexity, detail, and number of objects or characters in the art piece.

Did You Know...

Iordanka is a responsible Artist that cares about the environment and the footsteps she leaves behind. She uses Eco-friendly methods and sustainability practices such as NOT washing brushes in sink or dumping any paint or chemical substances in it. When painting with oils, she carefully disposes of items at designated places and pays for hazard disposal to insure safe disposal and preserving our planet.

Iordanka also provides artistic services and art on Eco-friendly surfaces such as Bamboo or recycled paper and using Eco-friendly materials. Contact her for details!

To purchase art prints including Bamboo prints on Bamboo paper which are Eco-friendly and made from 90% Bamboo and 10% cotton rag (Acid-free; archival; 290 gsm; Full Frame; 9in x 12in), please, click here.